Education Modernization

Education Modernization

Modernizing a Management Information System for Schools and Colleges
A London-based school MIS (management information system) and student performance track-ing device provider wants to enhance their current functionalities. The company caters to schools and colleges, and as part of their solution capability improvement plan, they want to add and enhance modules including Administration, Student Registration, and Student Attendance. Furthermore, they want to make some enhancements in their core product framework to make it future-proof and extensible. The management also wants to offer these MIS modules as independent products in addition to as a suite of applications. To do that, they need a trusted technology partner who can bring a strong experience of product engineering and Microsoft expertise for the architectural changes that would be required.
The Vatsa Solution: Modernizing a Management Information System for schools and colleges

Vatsa Solutions did the initial due diligence and prepared a plan for making changes in the existing MIS modules. Vatsa defined the scope, priorities, and roadmap, and did end-to-end product rearchitecting and development. The transformation of the older system required understanding the business impact of the architectural changes and aligning the changes with industry practices and end-user behavior. As part of the solution, Vatsa brought strong technical expertise to build state-of-the-art soft-ware solution for the education industry. With strong product engineering and Microsoft exper-tise, Vatsa rearchitected the existing Assessment, Registration and Attendance modules. With the new and user-friendly interface, schools were able to analyze, track and follow their pupil’s performance closely. Also, Vatsa improved the registration and attendance modules and made
them much simpler and faster. The administration staff had real-time visibility into the morning and evening attendance registers. Further, based on this experience, Vatsa also built newer modules, including Reports, and Parent Portal. The Reporting module of the system was integrated into the MIS solution and pre-de-signed into each section of the system for more flexibility. Every report within the system could be scheduled to run automatically and be sent over email or were available at login.

The Parent Portal module provided parents with real-time visibility into their child’s perfor-mance and communication with the school.Vatsa also rearchitected the product’s core architectural framework that was initially designed by the client to make it extensible and future-proof. One of the key challenges was to under-stand the data structure complexity and user experience. Each small change in the data struc-ture of one module had a larger impact on the entire suite. Vatsa’s Solution Architects worked
diligently and made multiple careful modifications to the data structure and entity relation-ships without breaking the integrity of the system. A testing team drafted test cases that sup-ported these changes and ensured full coverage of code and workflows across its multiple components. The planned activity ended with the delivery of a fully operational and optimized system without issues.

The complex and delicate nature of the implementation was supported by the technologi-cal expertise and commitment from Vatsa’s team, and the company has become a trusted partner for the customer. The engagement has lasted a long time, and Vatsa continues to develop and improve the various MIS modules and make enhancements. This has resulted in a lot of benefit for the client, including:
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface to ana-lyze and track pupil’s performance
  • Improved flexibility to the customer with a full suite of MIS modules that can also be offered independently to schools and colleges
  • A modern, cutting-edge system that can quickly accommodate current and future customer requirements
  • The client’s management could focus on continuous improvement of the product based on customer feedback, which has led to a large and happy customer base for the company
Technology and Tools:
Microsoft .Net, C#, SQL 2008 R2, MVC architecture

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5 Elements to Building Successful Healthcare Systems

Healthcare applications and systems

Healthcare web and mobile apps are hot in demand across the world, close on the heels of the new generation’s fitness passion. The healthcare industry is undergoing the transformation in the wake of dynamic markets and new and everchanging Government rules that have been keeping Continue reading

Public Information and Safety


Public Information and Safety

K9 policing case management software for Law Enforcement agencies worldwide

An innovative company started by an ex-police officer with expertise in running K9 (canine) units in the united states wants to build a K9 tracking and case management software. The company wants to make this software available for search and rescue teams of state, federal and local law enforcement agencies.

The founder decided to build a K9 case management system as a comprehensive solution with a profile for K9 dogs and their handlers, as well as many digital features including GPS tracking, weather information, record management and detailed activity reports.

The Vatsa Solution: Building Windows K9 application with profile and complete tracking

Vatsa and the client worked closely to define product scope, priorities and roadmap, followed by end-to-end product development and deployment of the software.
Vatsa and the client collaborated closely to build in end-to-end functionalities into the software including, creating K9 profiles, supervisory functions (approve reports, add notes and recommendations), user profile management that included access rights, activity and audit tracking, suspect information, detailed reporting, creating training records and many more.
After initial due diligence, Vatsa decided to build an application to best suit the nature of work. Data storage and synchronization prove to be initial hurdles in such scenarios. Additionally, data conversion from existing systems to a new and modern system is a big challenge. However, with strong product engineering and Microsoft expertise, Vatsa delivered the initial version of the product without any interruptions and hurdles. Vatsa further kept improving the product based on inputs from the client and added many new functionalities over time. In the product’s 5.0 version, Vatsa made the product even more intuitive and user friendly. The team developed some very attractive features such as easier navigation, fast and inclusive data entry, color theming, comprehensive record search, and a fully built-in GPS tracking and maps functionality to automatically create accurate, satellite-based positions and tracking.
Most recently, Vatsa built a visual pro software in the latest version that allows both internet-connected data storage as well as local data storage for offline use. Vatsa built the front-end of the software using .Net and used SQL server for users to connect to their records from anywhere, if they needed to. It further coupled with SQL compact database to achieve the hybrid online and offline functionality.


Vatsa brought its product development expertise and coupled it effectively with the passion of the client to help build cutting-edge application for K9 handlers. The software is being used by more than 2000 agencies worldwide, and delivers many benefits including:

1) Easy tracking and record keeping which can be used for training and court proceedings
2) Faster decision making with instant access to all records for the users and supervisors
3) Better management of large, geographically dispersed teams with ability to synchronize all records from multiple locations
4) The client could focus on continuous improvement of the product based on customer feedback leading to large and happy customer base while Vatsa helped build to the client’s vision

Technology and Tools:
.Net , C#, SQL 2008 R2, SQL Compact, RDLC, Telerik Controls

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Mirth Connect Healthcare

Mirth Connect Healthcare

Mirth Connect implementation for EHR and EMR systems interoperability

An innovative startup looking to positively disrupt the healthcare industry wants to solve surgical challenges by capturing all the relevant patient information to offer recommendation for preventive healthcare. To achieve this, orchestrating seamless communication between disparate systems from various vendors would be a critical requirement. Connecting the Electronic Health Records (EHR) in various formats from different vendors into their product has been an issue for the company in the past.

In many cases, medical systems and applications are built on proprietary systems to avoid the complex protocols that are needed to exchange information or share data. For example, they might not adhere to the HL7, which is one such set of standards, and might simplify or deviate from it. This results in creation of silos of data and many other interoperability problems. So,in order to realize their vision, the company’s leadership had to embrace this reality and create a strong integration solution that can handle and accept sensitive patient data from the EHR solutions to their application reliably and securely.

The Vatsa solution: Integration engine for healthcare platform and EHRs

Vatsa enabled interfacing of EHR and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) into their product to exchange information related to the patients. The Vatsa team used the popular Mirth Connect (also known as Nextgen Connect), an opensource cross-platform HL7 interface engine that enables bi-directional sending of HL7 messages between systems and applications over multiple transports. They used it to bring together disparate systems and exchange information with the company’s product. The team did multiple appropriate mappings of the fields, pre-processing and post-processing of information for the data to be used in the right manner. In the process, the team also handled multiple differences in field formats, ranges, values and more to ensure that the product was able to interpret the data accurately and achieve true interoperability.


Vatsa has strong expertise in the healthcare domain. Vatsa’s consultants are specialized in helping companies build healthcare products and platforms using various technologies, protocols and standards such as HIPAA, HL7, Mirth Connect, CCD and CCR. This vast domain expertise helped Vatsa Solutions provide great results to this highly innovative company:

1) Uninterrupted and reliable data transfer between disparate systems without needing help from the respective software vendors
2) HL7 compliance for the solution, which increased ease of the company’s go-to-market and customer adoption
3) Future-proof solution that can integrate with any third-party healthcare application without any disruption to the existing tooling and systems
4) Centralized security of critical pieces of communication that is fragmented across multitudes of emails and platforms

Technology and Tools:
HL7 Standards, Mirth Connect (Nextgen Connect)

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Calibration management Manufacturing


Calibration management Manufacturing

Transforming a legacy desktop-based management software into an end-to-end responsive web-based management system

A leading manufacturer of IT and office automation equipmentfrom Oman has a range of electronic equipment for healthcare, consumers electronics, telecom, military, security and many more industries. The calibration labs of the company must calibratethese equipmentvery precisely as part of their product development and testing process. The labs use a desktop-based utility to manage the calibration. However, the utility needs significant manual intervention and is it tedious to use, often leading to errors and rework. Being a desktop-based utility, it is also difficult to deploy, configure, manage, upgrade and keep it consistent across all machines and deployments. The loss to business due to the inconsistencies, inefficiencies, rework and product returns due to errors is estimated to be a whopping 20-25%.
To mitigate this challenge, the management team wants to set an automated workflow to manage the calibration process for their calibration labs and build a better utility that is easy to deploy, manage and use,so they could improve their quality and efficiency metrics.

The Vatsa Solution: A responsive web-based calibration management software for improved process outcome

Vatsa designed and developed an internal web-based portal to standardize all workflows and calibrations for the company’s production team. The tool went beyond just recording the calibration values to helping with the entire calibration process. Vatsa achieved standardization in the workflowwith the following functionality:

1) Providing the ability for product teams to create calibration template that can be applied to a group of similar equipment along with their respective expected values, validations and ranges
2) Identifying and mapping the tools or testingdevices to be used for calibrations of an instrument
3) Prepopulating the readings into the calibration template and applyingthe template to each equipment
4) Providing the ability to enter the readings against each machine according to its template along with tracking of any changes in values
5) Defining the schedule and assignment of calibration to individuals and recording the actual calibration
6) Approval or rejection of calibrations and proposing recommendations via the system for the person doing the calibration
7) Evaluating the result of the calibration across all devices for reporting and dashboards to assist managers and leaders in the company

The standard templates created as part of the solution provided all the meta-data measurement type, the master standard, reference standard and standard operating procedure. Also, it defines the number of readings to be taken while calibrating an instrument and whether it is the master instrument that needs to be fixed or the DUC (Device Under Calibration).

Calibration Workflow

The new web-based system managed the following stages of the calibration process
(Also known as check-in). If the customer is not present in the system, an account is created on the fly.
A Job is created and assigned to a technician and barcode stickers are printed.
Calibration of the equipment is performed according to the calibration template and measurement standards of the equipment.
A Calibration Certificate is generated as per the recorded readings and specifications.
(Also known as check-out). DO and invoice is generated for delivery.

For the calibration lab of the company, the success of their business model lies in their ability to reliably and accurately calibrate instruments manufactured by them as well as other companies.In this project,Vatsa Solutionsbrought extensive technological expertise and experience working with manufacturing companies to deliver many benefits for the company:

1) The company was able to reduce manual errorsand rework by over 80%
2) Time required for calibration reduced by 30% with the end-to-end management and approval process in the new system
3) Significant improvement inquality management and service to their customers
4) The improved time-to-market and quality resulted in revenue growth as well as huge improvements in customer mindshare
5) Instruments are calibrated far more regularly due to active scheduling management
6) Increased transparency for customers of the labs, who are now aware of the status of the calibration of their instruments
7) Easy access, traceability and retrieval of history of instruments and their calibration statuses at various points for better management and troubleshooting

Technology and Tools:
ASP. Net, MSSQL server, MVC

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Cloud Learning Platform Education


Cloud Learning Platform Education

Award-winning Learning Platform Built on top of Microsoft Office 365

A social enterprise headquartered in the UK is on a mission of enhancing teaching and learning experience with technology. As part of this mission,the company wants to build an intuitive learning and collaborative platform which can be accessed from anywhereanytime.The company wants to build key capabilities such as unlimited storage, multiple collaboration tools (blogs, wikis, etc.) and communication tools (email, calendar, email and voice conferencing) into their platform.

The Vatsa Solution: UI-Rich and Collaborative Learning Platform Over Simple SharePoint Interface

Vatsa worked closely with the company’s team to buildlearning collaboration platform that got recognition in various countries. The platform developed by Vatsa used existing learning content from SharePoint to completely transform the UI and create a full-featured Learning Management System. The user interface was built on MVC 4.5 and used AngularJS, NodeJS and other latest technologies to completely hide the SharePoint presentation layer and use it as the core database and repository. The platform is now available as a downloadable product from the Microsoft app store andhas received multiple accolades and awards.

Vatsa was a key partner with end-to-end planning, designing, implementation and platform maintenance responsibility.The company circumvented many challenges in utilizing the existing SharePoint APIs and framework beyond its structure and limitations to create a widely useful LMS for enterprises that use Microsoft technologies. The end customers could deploy an LMS for their students and teachers without having to migrate data or duplicate existing resources butinstead having a common repository in their IT infrastructure. The tool fully leveraged their Office 365 and SharePoint API and infrastructure to build a completely fresh and powerful use-case with:

1) Personalized and customized learning experience for students and teachers with adequate control and flexibility
2) Collaborative learning platform capabilities for students
3) Anywhere, anytime access to the platform
4) More power to teachers with quick and easy user provisioning, teaching and evaluation
5) Information on fingertips with notification capability for all stakeholders

Vatsa worked very closely with Microsoft on critical parts of the project that involved utilizing advanced capabilities and APIs of Office 365 and SharePoint andfinding and recommending feasible workarounds.

Platform Architecture


Vatsa brought end-to-end Microsoft stack expertise to the table which was the most important need of the project. Vatsa also worked as a key stakeholder with the company and with Microsoft to create a path-breaking product that yielded many benefits including:

1) Faster product launch and continuous enhancement of the product
2) Quick scaling to other regionsaround the globe with SaaS model poweredby cloud-native capability
3) The company founders and leadership team could bring their education domain expertise and improve product usability with continuous feedback from users
4) The company could achieve global recognition and awards due to strong support on the technology front from Vatsa

Technology and Tools:

ASP.Net, MVC 4.5 , C#, SQL 2014 R2, AngularJS, NodeJS, Grunt, Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing, O365, Advanced SharePoint capabilities and integration, HTML 5, CSS3, Bootstrap

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Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare Analytics

HL7 standards-based platform for simplified pre-operative care and better surgery outcomes

A team of independent board-certified physicians wants to simplify preoperative screening without adversely affecting the quality and adherence to healthcare standards. As part of this work,the team wants to build a platform that will significantly improve surgical experience—from patient intake to readmission prevention and everything inbetween.They want to integrate this platform with EHRs, community health records, and clinical laboratories. Also, they want to build a recommendation engine which will analyze the patient’s information and offer suggestions to be followed before the surgery. The group also wants to make sure they are adhering to the compliances such as HIPAA, QCDR, QR and ensure data security and secure care delivery of the highest standards from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

The Vatsa Solution: Modern and feature-rich software suites for anesthesiologists and surgeons

Vatsa worked as a product development partner with the company to build their cutting-edge platform.Vatsa practiced agile methodology with biweekly sprint and helped releasing new features to the platform at fast pace.

These software suites integrate with all the leading EHRs (electronic health records) vendors, including Allscripts, Cerner, McKESSON, GE Healthcare, Meditech, Amkai solutions and more.Vatsa used Mirth Connect as a cross-platform HL7 interface engine to enable bi-directional exchange of HL7 messages between the supported EHRs and their software suite. Vatsa pre-integrated analytics engine powered by Power BIto deliver evidence-based preoperative recommendations. Multiple different parties, including hospitals, insurers and physicians could be given secure and role-based authorized access to use patient’s data to avoid repetitive interviews. Importantly, the system improved the time-to-treatmentand time-to-recovery due to better dissemination of information between all qualified stakeholders.

Vatsa also developed mobile applications for Android and iOS for patients to access and fill in their data quickly and comfortably. The applications also include biometric and OCR security to avoid misuse of data. Using their mobile application, patients can also share reports with their respective physicians for faster review, consultation and better post-op care.


The company brought its healthcare expertise while Vatsa providing end-to-end product development, maintenance and support. Vatsa’s high commitment and investment with bringing the right technology expertise has resulted in a 9-year-long strong relationship between the two companies. The technology partnership with Vatsa has brought a lot of benefits to the company and its customers such as:

1) Gaining a first mover advantage in the market and filling a critical gap due to faster time-to-market
2) Easy adoption and use of the platform at hospitals and care centers due to seamless integration with existing EHR and EMR solutions
3) A platform that achieves all compliances right from the day of first launch, which leads the company to keep focus on patients and their care instead of policies and compliances
4) Standards-based, seamless and secure messaging between systems with HL7 compliance resulting in quick and widespread adoption
5) Helping the company’s founders and leadership team to focus on their healthcare domain expertise to improve product usability with continuous feedback while Vatsa took care of the feasibility analysis and implementation
6) Improved staff efficiency and quality of care and reducing post-operative complications like heart attack and infections by using a strong recommendation engine
7) Improved collaboration between various members in the care-giving staff that led to improved time-to-treatment, better outcomes and reduced re-admissions

Technology and Tools:
Net , C#, SQL 2016, SSRS, Mirth Connect, HL7Standards, Entity F/W, Subsonic, Teleric Controls, MVC, Power BI

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