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Extended Reality – Vatsa Solutions

Transform your business and explore new areas with our cutting-edge Extended Reality solutions. Create incredible immersive experiences for your customers and boost engagement and revenue. Vatsa helps you leverage Extended Reality platforms to blend together the physical and virtual worlds to boost employee engagement, productivity, customer experience and generate novel services with a mix of augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality solutions.

Our Extended Reality Expertise

3D Modeling Service

Build 3D models of real-world items and settings, give them colors and textures, then put them in a gaming engine to different playable levels.

AR/VR Assets Modeling

Enable users to experience heightened immersion and engagement in the virtual world with high-quality and optimized AR/VR assets modeling and texturing.

Virtual Walkthrough

Build and offer highly interactive and immersive simulations with 360-degree tours of physical locations such as residential and commercial properties.

Game Asset Creation

Offer enhanced game visuals, audio, and interactivity by creating custom 3D models, textures, environments, and animations.

Mixed Reality Services

Provide immersive experience to the users as the physical and virtual world come together seamlessly. Engage in natural and intuitive interaction with humans, devices, and environments.

Industrial IoT Services

Provide AR Experience incorporated IoT and display IoT data in real-time to offer up-to-date product information to an on-site technician.

Seamlessly blend the physical and virtual world with Vatsa’s XR solutions

Transcend smoothly into the world of Extended Reality with Vatsa Solutions