Top technology trends to watch out for in 2020


Technology rapidly evolved in the last five years, from being a technology-advantage for IT companies and to ISVs, being a necessity for sustainability in competition. Advancements like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are practiced at various skill levels by different organizations. One cannot deny

the fact that these technological advancements are the factors on which businesses are judged and their capabilities are a measure of their understanding and implementation of these technologies in their products. We, at Vatsa, follow these technologies closely to create a better environment for our customers and partners, while experimenting with these capabilities to innovate.

Gartner predicts that by 2020, the number of customers shopping through Augmented Reality will cross the 100 million mark. To add to that, the customer interaction in this is expected to be less than 15%. Here is a list of technologies which, as a business or software provider, you need to be well-aware of, as well as consider the same for product upgrades and expansion plans:

  • Artificial Intelligence: These two words might not sound ‘latest’ or ‘trending’, considering they have been around for quite some time. But it still tops the list as its use has not been justified to the maximum. According to Adobe, in 2019, only 15% of enterprises are using AI.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): IoT is regarded as the biggest digital disruption in 2018 – 19, with more than 127 new IoT devices being connected to the internet every second (McKinsey report). According to another report, the Global IoT market forecast in 2019 is said to be worth $1.7 Trillion.
  • Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM): Businesses are facing the issues of streamlining and automating their entire business processes and this has given to the rising popularity of EMM. EMM is helping businesses to go completely mobile.
  • Cloud Storage and Security: Data has become more precious than Gold and the advancements in Cloud storage technologies have caught the attention of businesses. Cloud has gone beyond just storage and has developed more as a management tool.
  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality: Talking about the latest trends, it would be a sin to leave AR/VR out of the list. As businesses try to provide a more interactive session for customers, it is expected that the enterprise market for AR/VR, a rough estimate, can be worth $56 billion by 2022. With AR/VR, it is all about exploring the possibilities of the technology. Here is an example of how we helped create an Augmented Reality-based mobile application for real estate search.

Though the list is a never-ending and constantly evolving one, these six definitely top the list and are here to stay for quite a while. To gain an advantage over competitors in this domain, the two necessities to be fulfilled are of knowledge and experience. A partner like Vatsa can help your business to gain this competitive advantage. Our years of experience and exposure of various domains like education, healthcare, manufacturing and so on, help us to bring a fresh perspective to the table, which can sustain over a long period of time.

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