Mobile App Development


Mobile App Development

More and more end users prefer delivery of services on their mobile devices, which have become a mainstream medium of value consumption. It is well into the adoption curve with many mainstream users being able to use small form-factor devices effectively. Vatsa’s experts have over a decade of mobile development experience, providing great user experience, high-performance and optimized codebase, and scalable architecture that is suited for delivery on small screens.

Extract more value from your existing systems, data and processes by expanding access on mobile.
Increase productivity of your staff and engagement coming from your customers using an anywhere-anytime medium that is the new-normal.
Enhance and optimize your current architecture for a delivery medium that is much more efficient than anything that came before it.
Ensure security of access through modern authentication mechanisms, improved access control, and newer server-side security features.
Build native, web, hybrid and progressive web apps for different enterprise, gaming, consumer needs.
Comprehensive non-functional expertise with architecture that supports online/offline storage, synchronization, high volume and concurrency management.
Build great user experiences with REST-based API and robust web services layer for business logic

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Calibration management Manufacturing

Transforming a legacy desktop-based management software into an end-to-end responsive web-based management system

Healthcare Analytics

HL7 standards-based platform for simplified pre-operative care and better surgery outcomes

Manufacturing Intranet Portal

Modernization of critical SharePoint-based enterprise software platform for improved employee productivity and collaboration


Augmented Reality-based mobile application for real estate search


Public Information and Safety

K9 dog + Policeman case management software for Law Enforcement agencies worldwide

Mobile applications to connect car’s on-board diagnostics (OBD) device with backend IOT platform​

Internet-based mobile application for simplifying vehicle health monitoring

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