How to Choose the Right School Management Information System

With the advancements of technology rapidly moving towards schools and colleges, it has become a necessity for academic organizations to upgrade their digital infrastructure. It can be safely predicted how the next decade will see complete digitalization of the Education sector. This also makes

it imperative on the part of schools and colleges, to initiate the process of digitalization or risk being overpowered by competition. Having been part of this industry for more than 20 years, we, at Vatsa Solutions, have seen both sides of the coin and adapted ourselves to create robust, futuristic and easy-to-maintain platforms and software for our clients from the education sector.

Choosing the right School Management Software can be a challenging task. Especially with the varied choices available in the market, each option might seem better than the previous one. So how does one decide?

Here is a list of 5 things which you can check for, to select the software which benefits you the most.

Select the one that fits closely to your requirement

Each School Management Software can be segregated widely in 2 sections:

  • Necessary Features
  • Additional Features

The Necessary features will mostly be common across all similar Management Systems. This may include student profiling, attendance, direct messaging and so on. However, the additional features are the ones to look at closely. Many a times, these features are the ones deciding the cost of the software. Also, additional unwanted features can make the application complex and space consuming. So it’s better to choose an MIS which can provide the flexibility of selecting only the features suitable for your use.

The other option can be to create a completely customized application, which is tailor-made to fit your requirements. This also helps you to gain complete control over the system. This also works for upgrading your existing systems. As an example, you can also check out how we, at Vatsa, modernized a Management Information System for Schools and Colleges for a London-based School MIS provider.

One which can accommodate your school’s growth and expansion

In the process of choosing the right school MIS, it is necessary to keep in mind the prospective growth of the school/college and whether the present system will sustain this future growth. This may include the expansion of an organization into multiple branches, increasing global presence of international students, improvements in the school’s administration or functioning and so on. It may happen that a particular school MIS may be perfect for the present, but may have limitations in expansion.

Ease of Use and Regional Adaptability – Teacher / Parent usage

At the end, the biggest factor remains the adaptability and user-experience of the platforms. The software should be easy to understand and to use for both, parents or students, as well as teachers and non-teaching staff. One of the primary reasons of digitalization is to save time. This is only available by making the systems as user-friendly as possible.

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