Mobile presence: a necessity for businesses


To an extent, each and every business today has some relevance to mobile applications and digital presence. While smaller businesses with financial constraints rely on their social media presence and ancillary mobile application companies showcasing their products and services on a common

platform, larger companies understand the importance of streamlining their process, especially the one oriented towards customer interactions, into customized mobile applications. But why is it necessary for businesses to explore this facet? Where does a mere social media presence or a company’s website fall short of providing the same experience as that of a mobile app?

At Vatsa Solutions, we think beyond the technical aspect of mobile app development and look at it as a science. Apart from the obvious reasons for streamlining the processes and better communication with customers, a mobile presence works in various different ways which, consciously or subconsciously, affects the way your customers look at your business.

Here is a list of reasons why your business needs to focus on this widely accepted global tool as your next investment.


It is the largest source of data

The company with the largest data pool always has the upper hand. Mobile applications provide you with the highest level of data, which no other media can. Of course, one receives statistics on the number of engagements and interactions through the website. But mobile apps take it one step further. With geo-tagging and user-behavior analytics topping the list, there are many other pros of having a mobile application. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that mobile applications are the reason why Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have reached their pinnacle.


Increases business functionality

Mobile applications enable businesses to integrate functionalities that are beyond the scope of any website or medium. The best example of this is using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality functionalities on-the-go. Making the most of an in-built camera and other tools on a mobile phone, mobile apps are able to explore this option to the fullest. Just to give you an example, you can read how Vatsa helped a New Zealand based real-estate valuation and property services company to build an Augmented Reality-based mobile application for real estate search.


Molds the customer psychologically

The biggest advantage of a mobile presence is its ready availability. Today, a potential customer who is asked to search for a company’s credentials will not wait till the time he is in front of a computer. Psychologically, a customer is more comfortable with using a mobile phone, instead of a laptop or desktop for interaction and prefer mobile apps over websites. Adding to the list, studies show that customers consider a mobile app as part of personalized service on part of the company and rate it as ‘better user experience’.


Increases your visibility four-fold

Having mobile apps also increases the company presence in search engines, as well as helps in better brand recall. Studies show that the average mobile phone user spends approx. 6 to 7 hours a day on the phone. Out of this time, a staggering 93% of the time is spent on mobile apps and the remaining 7% is spent on browsing the internet and websites. The reason is simple:

  • App icons are constantly visible on a user’s screen, thus constant brand recall.
  • Mobile apps have easy push-message notification functionality for constant customer-engagement


Better ROI than any other media

Mobile apps definitely provide better ROI in terms of customer satisfaction, process streamlining, data mining, ease of accessibility, marketing, and time utilization, to list a few. Mobile apps also enable the company to explore digital trends like AI, AR/VR and IoT to the fullest. And these just remain the tip of the iceberg.

At Vatsa Solutions, we have seen the digital transformation from websites to mobile phones and seen the effects of growth in mobile app usage and customer profits through proven statistics. With our constant upgradation in technology, we are able to create solutions that provide the technological edge to our customers.

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