6 Key indicators to find out if your app needs to be modernized


Applications are the future. From generic ones to customized enterprise-centric apps, there are millions of them out there in the market. Creating an app from scratch requires a lot of time, efforts, domain & technical expertise, feedbacks and updates; once the app is made available in the market, it needs to be

monitored and track its statistics on how fair it is performing. It is safe to say that app-building and its maintenance is a continuous process.

Receiving feedback from your users is one of the crucial steps involved in app maintenance. Along with it, arises the necessity to release timely updates for your app. However, what are the key indicators which can guide to understand if the app needs to be overhauled? How does one decide if the app needs to be modernized? Here are six key indicators to help you out:

1. An important new feature

Monitoring and analyzing the current features of your app is one of the safest approaches to understanding whether the app needs an upgrade. By monitoring its current features, relevance usually hints or suggests if there’s a need to add any new feature to the app, which might change the user experience drastically. To explore this attribute, you need to figure out if the feature brings any validity, adds value to your customers and all this will require extensive research and analysis before you decide on the new feature addition.

2. A design overhaul

User experience or User interface is one of the most critical aspects which directly contribute to the user acceptance of the app. An upgrade is required every time you alter the design of your app, even though the design is basic and not obvious for the users. It is also possible to redesign the entire app if you plan to introduce new features in your app.

At times, a design overhaul is required simply because the original design suits its features at the time it was launched, and over time as new features were introduced, the design became futile.

3. Performance

There are various attributes by which you can measure the performance of the app. Monitoring the download rate, the number of new users added, monthly active users, retention rate, uninstalls, organic and paid conversion rates, and ratings are some of the key indicators to measure the performance of the app. If the app is facing issues with some of these indicators, you might need to consider modernizing the app and overcome the issues.

4. Reciprocating to user feedbacks

Developers should never hesitate to take inputs from the end users of the app. The ratings, comments and the feedbacks given by the end users at different stages of the app are critical in determining how users interact with the app, the exact pain points of the users. It might help in accomplish certain aspects of the app which might have skipped your consideration. Even the in-app comments and the reviews on the app market help gain valuable insight on app usage. If the user feedbacks suggest a definite scope for improvement in the features or functionality of the app, it is a key indicator for a need of a big upgrade.

5. An obsolete code base

The technology world is dynamic is ever evolving. Many new platforms hitting the market; new, efficient and easier coding languages being introduced, which makes the codebase dated within a short span of time. This automatically creates a need for the entire tech world to stay up to date with these new languages, scripts, platforms and to upgrade their app with a new and efficient codebase. At Vatsa, we have expertise team who firmly believes in keeping themselves on top of these changes around the tech industry and implement it in creating robust apps with the latest and optimized codebase.

6. Support for new devices and platforms

The smartphone industry is ever-growing; there are new phones, new designs, new features creating a buzz in the market. The new devices on offer are of different tech specs, configurations are thus required resizing and rescaling the app to support their set of new features, tech specs, and various screen sizes. We felt this is another key indicator which calls for an upgrade for your app.

These are some of the key indicators we take into consideration at Vatsa Solutions to make sure the apps remain robust and up to date with the modern tech industry trends. To share a quick example of how we made use of Augmented Reality to create an app for a UK based real-estate business. This is just one of our many success stories.

To know more of how our expertise can help you grow your organization to new heights, feel free to connect with us or visit our website, www.vsplc.com.

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