Building a Tailor-Made Management Information System for Schools and Colleges

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A powerful Management Information System (MIS) for schools not only helps in reducing the workload of school administration and teachers, but is also a tool for the management to measure the progress and performance of the school. One of the safest bets in this scenario is to always prefer

customized management software to suit your personal needs. But, where does one start? How does one decide which modules to incorporate and which ones to be left out? Right from choosing the right platform to build the software on, to its usability for parents and teachers, there goes a lot of planning and mapping to create that perfect MIS for any school, college or any educational institution.

For development of such an intricate and effective platform, it helps to have the expertise of someone with a lot of experience in the field. We, at Vatsa Solutions, for example, have worked on many award winning education-based management software for global clients. Just to give an example, you can check out how we helped: Modernize Management Information System for Schools and Colleges in London.

To begin with, here are a few points which you can keep in mind while chalking out your school MIS plan.

A rough framework of any school management software encompasses 3 aspects, based on the users of the software:

Administration | Teachers | Parents/Students

The usability of the applications must be focused on automation of daily administrative functionalities, student registration, fee management, communication &reminders, and so on. These functionalities are further broken down into more prioritized manner for a better user experience.

Administrative Features: 

  • Management of Faculty and Staff Profiles
  • Management of Student Profiles
  • Reports / Analytics
  • Inventory and Bookstore Management
  • News, Events and Notification Alerts
  • Portal for Parents/Students login
  • Dormitory Facilities and Housing Management
  • Online Payments and Fees Management
  • Curriculum and Class Management
  • Special Education and Independent/Private tutoring
  • Access Management
  • K-12
  • Accounting

Features of Teacher Module:

  • Built-in LMS
  • Classroom / Lab / Library monitoring
  • Monitoring of online activities and internet usage
  • Attendance
  • Real-time Chat
  • Assessments and Tests
  • Reports and results
  • Feedback
  • Audio / Visual material
  • Projects / Assignment / Tests

Features of Student/Parent Module:

  • Automated Fee reminders
  • Feedback and Interaction
  • Ease of access to Notes and Study material
  • News / Events / Happenings
  • Email Management

Although these modules are some of the front-end features of a school MIS, the school management can achieve a lot more. The reports and analytics shared by the software can help them in Budgeting and forecasting, Billing and Invoicing, Fixed asset management, Payroll management and Accounting of School funds.

Along with standard features which any school management system can have, the system is also judged on its ability to collect statutory data and census reporting to government. In making customized MIS, the school has to take into consideration Govt. mandates and the readiness of the system for future conditions and expansion.

Though this can work as a road-map for creating the basic plan, it just remains as stage 1 of a long process. Implementation of the plan, execution of the process and maintenance, along with constant upgradation, remain an unending and continuous process. This is where an experienced partner like Vatsa can help in building robust solutions. With end-to-end capabilities of executing such projects, with a proven track record, Vatsa solutions provides the backbone required for a perfect and smooth functioning of school MIS.

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