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Power BI

Unlock Superior
Business Insights with
Power BI Dashboards
Deriving meaningful insights from raw data from multiple sources is a significant challenge for the majority of businesses today. The need of the hour is a robust business intelligence tool to make sense of their data and drive operational excellence. Vatsa’s expertise with Microsoft Power BI helps businesses connect the dots from data to decisions and achieve real-time insights, centralized data, interactive dashboards, and seamless collaboration. With years of Power BI experience, Vatsa helps businesses in becoming truly data-driven and future-forward.

Vatsa’s Data Engineering and Power BI Capabilities

Data Integration and Consolidation

Data Visualization and Reporting

Real-time Data Monitoring

Collaboration and Data Sharing

Industry-Specific Interactive Power BI Solutions

Oil & Gas

Vatsa’s comprehensive analytics and visualization solution for gas distribution companies revolutionizes the way leakage surveys are conducted and provides valuable insights to drive fixes and operational excellence.


Vatsa’s Power BI solution for healthcare professionals helps them gain valuable insights from their data, make informed decisions, and drive improvements in patient care, operational efficiencies, and overall healthcare outcomes.


Our Power BI solution helps manufacturers in making proactive decisions, reduce expenses, & enhance customer satisfaction. The powerful analytics & visualization tools boost production, supply chain, & quality control.

Why Power BI?

Transform your healthcare delivery with our comprehensive Power BI dashboard solutions