6 Ways to speed up your mobile app development


The usage of apps has skyrocketed in recent years and the trend shows a promising scope to grow exponentially in the years to come. As a business, a mobile app facilitates brand building, improves customer engagement and promotes revenue growth. However, mobile app development can be

considered as being infamous with the development teams and techies, for being one of the most time-consuming products to work on. After all, detailed coding, scrutinized testing, regular bug fixes and updates; the list can seem endless. However, it definitely doesn’t mean that this should slow down your app development process.

We, at Vatsa, are constantly evolving our processes for optimum outcomes. After all, ‘evolving’ is one of the major pillars of our Vatsa Vowels (you can check all of them here).  A few key points, which we follow at our end for speeding up the process of mobile app development, without affecting the quality of the code and the functionality of the app are as given:

  • Focus on creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Instead of waiting to launch a full-fledged app with all features, you can start by launching an MVP. MVP will allow you to establish your presence in the market much sooner and you can work your way up by launching timely updates. Users will have a strong input on how the app can develop, and understanding the user’s reactions before proceeding will help you in the long run. At Vatsa, our end-to-end expertise helps you to be market-ready at all stages. We make use of the right tools for feedbacks from users and keep a check on user acceptance, usability and download rate of the app.

  • Working Agile

An agile methodology is an approach where the requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of cross-functional teams and their end users. The four key points to remember during the development process:

  1. Individuals and Interactions over processes and tools 
  2. Working Software over comprehensive documentation
  3. Customer Collaboration over contract negotiation
  4. Responding to Change over following a plan

By following agile techniques, you get feedback from an early stage and you can perform testing of different parts of the apps individually, as compared to the waterfall technique, which is pretty much time-consuming.

  • Get a Helping Hand

Do not hesitate to get a helping hand for your development team. It is possible to have certain aspects or parts of your projects which fall outside your team’s area of expertise. You can always hire a professional to take care of those parts in which he can share his expertise. This will help your development team to gain a fresh aspect on the app and save time.

  • Consider Using Third Party Assets

While you can develop the heart or the core of your app, other side aspects of the app can be easily delegated. Secondary or additional features of the app can become very time consuming to build. Outsourcing these developments to a third party is a very efficient way of saving time and thus speeding up your launch process. At Vatsa, for example, we help technology companies to fill up their shortcomings by lending our expertise to create IT architecture which can collaborate with their mainframe.

  • Having shorter release cycles

Instead of waiting for major upgrades on the app, shorter and frequent updates will help you to keep your app relevant to the end users and will also help you to fix any issues or bugs in the app within a short span. There are a few working methods like a 6-week-plan which are currently used by a number of companies in the market.

  • Consider Hybrid Mobile Development

It is wiser to opt for hybrid apps than native apps, as far as time management and financial aspects of the app development are concerned. Hybrid apps are apps which are capable of running on all operating systems. Creating a hybrid app saves a lot of time since you need not write separate code for different operating systems. We help you create multi-platform apps through the use of multi-use various cross-platform development tools like Xamarin, Adobe Phonegap, etc. which will help you to save all the time. In addition to that, hybrid apps are faster, cheaper and more stable.

These are some of the key points which we follow at Vatsa to discard the time-consuming traits of mobile app development and enable you to get your app out in the market as soon as possible, without compromising on the quality of your mobile app. 

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