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Streamlining Sales Operations

Leveraging Sales Performance Management platform
for enhanced visibility and planning


A US-based healthcare and insurance company used conventional tools and methods to calculate sales performance/commission. Their methods were difficult to use and maintain, unorganized, and unstructured. With imminent sales growth, the company faced bottlenecks with respect to the tools and methodologies. Their sales personnel had less transparency into their compensation, which resulted in “shadow accounting” and lower productivity. The client organization also required additional human resources in the sales support team to streamline the operations. 

The client organization wanted a solution to streamline their sales operations that aligned with their business goals and eventually dictate multifold growth in the current B2B sales landscape. They wanted a sales performance management tool that was scalable, flexible, increased transparency within the organization, reduced risks, and enhance auditability.

The Vatsa Solution: Streamlining sales operations with a Sales Performance Management platform

Vatsa’s team of experts provided all technical knowledge and resources to migrate their in-house solutions to the Varicent’s Sales Performance Management (SPM) platform. Varicent’s SPM solution helps manage, optimize, and elevate your sales operations, enabling businesses to reduce risks and costs while boosting efficiency, improving planning and informing, and increasing overall business performance. 

Several core functionalities of the Varicent SPM solution were implemented including the core commissions feature, incentives and rewards, workflow, and reporting and dashboards. Implementation of numerous workflows automated their SPM processes related to compliance and commission calculations. Vatsa also provided second-level support and worked with them to streamline business processes to reduce the risk of errors, provide greater flexibility, and enhance the overall customer experience.


Vatsa’s expertise in sales performance management strategies and deploying Varicent solutions helped the client organization plan better, own its revenue growth, eliminate revenue leaks, reduce operational disruptions, and increase employee productivity. Additional benefits of the solution include:

  • The client organization could streamline their processes and increase visibility over compensation management, territory management, and hierarchy management within the Sales department along with quota/target management. 
  • The solution enabled the client organization to be more scalable and flexible that allowed them to modify their compensation plans as required 
  • The client organization reduced the risk of mispayments by more than 95%
  • Due to the reduction of rekeying and the existing staff’s capacity to manage additional Salesforce, the organization realized savings of over $76,000.
Technology and Tools:

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