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Mirth Connect Healthcare

Mirth Connect implementation for EHR and EMR systems interoperability

An innovative startup looking to positively disrupt the healthcare industry wants to solve surgical challenges by capturing all the relevant patient information to offer recommendation for preventive healthcare. To achieve this, orchestrating seamless communication between disparate systems from various vendors would be a critical requirement. Connecting the Electronic Health Records (EHR) in various formats from different vendors into their product has been an issue for the company in the past.

In many cases, medical systems and applications are built on proprietary systems to avoid the complex protocols that are needed to exchange information or share data. For example, they might not adhere to the HL7, which is one such set of standards, and might simplify or deviate from it. This results in creation of silos of data and many other interoperability problems. So,in order to realize their vision, the company’s leadership had to embrace this reality and create a strong integration solution that can handle and accept sensitive patient data from the EHR solutions to their application reliably and securely.

The Vatsa solution: Integration engine for healthcare platform and EHRs

Vatsa enabled interfacing of EHR and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) into their product to exchange information related to the patients. The Vatsa team used the popular Mirth Connect (also known as Nextgen Connect), an opensource cross-platform HL7 interface engine that enables bi-directional sending of HL7 messages between systems and applications over multiple transports. They used it to bring together disparate systems and exchange information with the company’s product. The team did multiple appropriate mappings of the fields, pre-processing and post-processing of information for the data to be used in the right manner. In the process, the team also handled multiple differences in field formats, ranges, values and more to ensure that the product was able to interpret the data accurately and achieve true interoperability.


Vatsa has strong expertise in the healthcare domain. Vatsa’s consultants are specialized in helping companies build healthcare products and platforms using various technologies, protocols and standards such as HIPAA, HL7, Mirth Connect, CCD and CCR. This vast domain expertise helped Vatsa Solutions provide great results to this highly innovative company:

1) Uninterrupted and reliable data transfer between disparate systems without needing help from the respective software vendors
2) HL7 compliance for the solution, which increased ease of the company’s go-to-market and customer adoption
3) Future-proof solution that can integrate with any third-party healthcare application without any disruption to the existing tooling and systems
4) Centralized security of critical pieces of communication that is fragmented across multitudes of emails and platforms

Technology and Tools:
HL7 Standards, Mirth Connect (Nextgen Connect)

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