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SharePoint based intranet portal for a global biopharmaceutical company

A global biopharmaceutical company headquartered in the United States and serving patients and families affected by rare diseaseshas over 2500employees spread across the US, Europe and Middle East. They are developing and delivering life-changing therapies for patients. Being in a highly process-centric business, in order to support their globally distributed business, they have identified the need for a stronger intranet portal to solve their communication, workflow and process issues and make inter-organization communication seamless.They want an intuitive intranet portal that can unite all employees on one platform, and also support any future needs of business related to employees. The company has Microsoft technologies as their primary technology stack and wants a partner with expertise in all Microsoft technologies and their integrations.

The Vatsa Solution: Simplified business processes with a completely custom theme SharePoint portal

The company approached Vatsa to scope out and build their intranet portal roadmap. The team of Microsoft technology experts from Vatsa introduced SharePoint 2010 as the collaboration portal of choice along with integrations with other corporate tools and technologies. The company wanted to implement SharePoint in two phases to ensure the most optimum user experience and also drive user adoption organically with requisite feedback from their employees. Vatsa initially did the due diligence, designed and built the workflows that enabled the company to draft their policies, collaborate, discuss and get buy- ins from multiple stakeholders for a centralized platform. The company also started storing department-specific organizational data with corporate role-based access control for mid- level and senior management.

The company deployed the portal in a phased manner and introduced SharePoint first for their IT department. Over the next year, other departments started adopting SharePoint after they saw the benefits IT department was experiencing.


VatsaSolutions has extensive experience working on Microsoft technologies and SharePoint deployment. Vatsa worked as a consultant and implementation partner to the company for value-based adoption of collaboration solution in their various departments. Vatsa helped the company achieve various positive outcomes, including:

1) Improved usability due to the completely custom theme for SharePoint
2) Quick adoption by employees due to a better and seamless user experience
3) Improved collaboration as SharePoint became the primary tool of business operations for the organization
4) Significantly improved productivity of employees due to the reduced time of managing documents and workflows between teams
5) A much more efficient and easier compliance management as all legal contracts and client documents are stored safely, are quickly traceable as they moved from department to department with role-based access to the right constituents
6) The organization could streamline their processes by defining and operationally laying out workflows, which led to reduced internal conflicts and more clarity for all teams

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