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Cloud Learning Platform Education

Award-winning Learning Platform Built on top of Microsoft Office 365

A social enterprise headquartered in the UK is on a mission of enhancing teaching and learning experience with technology. As part of this mission,the company wants to build an intuitive learning and collaborative platform which can be accessed from anywhereanytime.The company wants to build key capabilities such as unlimited storage, multiple collaboration tools (blogs, wikis, etc.) and communication tools (email, calendar, email and voice conferencing) into their platform.

The Vatsa Solution: UI-Rich and Collaborative Learning Platform Over Simple SharePoint Interface

Vatsa worked closely with the company’s team to buildlearning collaboration platform that got recognition in various countries. The platform developed by Vatsa used existing learning content from SharePoint to completely transform the UI and create a full-featured Learning Management System. The user interface was built on MVC 4.5 and used AngularJS, NodeJS and other latest technologies to completely hide the SharePoint presentation layer and use it as the core database and repository. The platform is now available as a downloadable product from the Microsoft app store andhas received multiple accolades and awards.

Vatsa was a key partner with end-to-end planning, designing, implementation and platform maintenance responsibility.The company circumvented many challenges in utilizing the existing SharePoint APIs and framework beyond its structure and limitations to create a widely useful LMS for enterprises that use Microsoft technologies. The end customers could deploy an LMS for their students and teachers without having to migrate data or duplicate existing resources butinstead having a common repository in their IT infrastructure. The tool fully leveraged their Office 365 and SharePoint API and infrastructure to build a completely fresh and powerful use-case with:

1) Personalized and customized learning experience for students and teachers with adequate control and flexibility
2) Collaborative learning platform capabilities for students
3) Anywhere, anytime access to the platform
4) More power to teachers with quick and easy user provisioning, teaching and evaluation
5) Information on fingertips with notification capability for all stakeholders

Vatsa worked very closely with Microsoft on critical parts of the project that involved utilizing advanced capabilities and APIs of Office 365 and SharePoint andfinding and recommending feasible workarounds.

Platform Architecture


Vatsa brought end-to-end Microsoft stack expertise to the table which was the most important need of the project. Vatsa also worked as a key stakeholder with the company and with Microsoft to create a path-breaking product that yielded many benefits including:

1) Faster product launch and continuous enhancement of the product
2) Quick scaling to other regionsaround the globe with SaaS model poweredby cloud-native capability
3) The company founders and leadership team could bring their education domain expertise and improve product usability with continuous feedback from users
4) The company could achieve global recognition and awards due to strong support on the technology front from Vatsa

Technology and Tools:

ASP.Net, MVC 4.5 , C#, SQL 2014 R2, AngularJS, NodeJS, Grunt, Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing, O365, Advanced SharePoint capabilities and integration, HTML 5, CSS3, Bootstrap

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