How the Combination of Cloud and AI Can Benefit Your Business

Artificial Intelligence and Cloud computing have paved the way for many innovative solutions for businesses around the globe. Most businesses today use these technologies either individually or in combination with other technologies. The AI industry, in particular, is growing exponentially and is expected to value up to $60bn by 2025, according to Statista.

87% of the surveyed companies were forecasted to use AI in 2020 according to Deloitte’s Global forecasts. And many more such surveys reveal that AI is going to play a key role in shaping the future.

Business leaders are always on the lookout for enhancing their organizational efficiency and productivity. This is where the combination of AI and Cloud can help. The combination of AI and Cloud led to a technological revolution of ‘Smart Cloud’ linked with Machine Learning. This advancement enables businesses to have a robust, well-defined, and unlimited database due to the Cloud environment. It allows automatic transaction identification and allocation, anomaly detection, continuous development, and many more benefits.


“The cloud is democratizing access to AI by giving companies the ability to use it now.”
— Deloitte


The combination of AI and Cloud computing is not new – tech giants like Amazon and Apple are in a constant race to win their markets using Alexa and Siri! Here’s a closer look at how this smart combination can help your business:


Leverage Data

Data is the new fuel that most businesses run on. But to make the most of the data, businesses need effective tools and technologies to analyze it. By feeding a large amount of data to AI, businesses can get more assertive insights. Cloud environments can seamlessly store huge volumes of data as compared to traditional storage options.
While AI enables data management, cloud computing maximizes data security, which enables businesses to deal with huge volumes of data and derive actionable insights from them.


Becoming Truly Agile

Businesses are increasingly adopting the agile methodology. By leveraging the combination of AI and Cloud, businesses can ensure the efficiency of their processes while minimizing error rates, ensure faster deliveries, and become truly agile.


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Cross-Functional Integration

DevOps benefits largely from the combination of AI and cloud. Teams from various business functions within an organization can enable seamless integration and cross-functional data sharing. This also enhances the operational efficiency of the business.

AI also makes it possible to transfer data between on-premises and the cloud. With this combination of technologies, businesses can manage and control data like never before! Businesses that use this combination are more likely to scale their applications to set industry standards and drive innovation.



The combination of AI and cloud also enables intelligent automation, where the Cloud’s use is simplified by AI since it performs tasks using previously established algorithms, thus making actions more specific and analytical. By connecting data to the cloud, it can quickly identify patterns that lead to an elevated intelligence and analysis. AI learns from data in the cloud, identifies standards, and makes recommendations. This automated process helps businesses eliminate errors.


Cost Saving

Last but not the least, leveraging this combination also allows businesses to cut back on their infrastructure costs. Businesses can create cloud environments that suit their needs since one size doesn’t fit all. Even though these environments might appear different, they all offer cost savings that promote and fund the growth of AI in their organization.

The world today is being shaped by technologies, especially artificial intelligence. Business leaders need to identify the opportunities within their organizations where they can leverage technologies to be more efficient, productive, and innovative. The combined future of cloud computing and AI is inevitable. It is set to change the way businesses store and process data. By combining technologies that enhance each other’s capabilities, businesses can achieve a competitive edge in the market.


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