Choosing the right Cloud service provider for your business

Cloud Service Provider

Cloud computing has transformed the consumption of computer services in the IT industry. It has become the backbone of many business models. Companies of all sizes, irrespective of their domains, are moving their businesses to the cloud. According to a recent survey, 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020, while 94% of enterprises already use a cloud service. The global public cloud service market is projected to reach $266 billion in 2020i. Cloud computing has multiple advantages like flexibility, data recovery, low maintenance costs, higher security and easy access, making it a preferred choice for most organizations.

Today’s world runs on data. And Cloud computing enables organizations to access, process and analyse data with ease. More organizations today are planning to migrate to cloud due to its feature-rich nature. But migrating to Cloud is a long process, and requires a lot planning, strategizing and decision making. For instance, check out how Vatsa Solutions built an award-winning Cloud learning and collaborative platform to enhance teaching and learning experience.

The first and foremost decision to make is to find the right Cloud Service Provider (CSP) for your enterprise. Choosing the right CSP requires attention to multiple factors like performance stability, customization and more. Listed below are the key factors to consider while choosing a CSP:

Performance and SLA (Service-Level Agreement)

The performance of the CSP is the most important attribute to look out for. The CSP should have enough data centres along with simple infrastructure and timely services. While choosing, make sure that the CSP offers higher uptime. Higher uptime gives access to the business process at any time interval. It is also important to check the SLAs beforehand to make sure that the CSP offers solutions and/ or compensation in case of any failure.  


It is important to make sure that the cloud infrastructure you choose is compliant with the standards of your industry or organization. From GDPR to HIPAA, it is necessary to ensure what steps are required to meet the necessary compliances.


The availability of support is an important factor to consider while choosing a service provider. Different CSPs offer different post-sales support. It is crucial to choose a CSP support which meets the business requirements.

Backup Facility

Data security is a critical issue to look out for, and as far as data on Cloud is concerned, there is a constant need for data backups. Even though all CSPs offer a backup facility, factors like backup capacity and time required for the entire process may vary. Choose a service provider who facilitates timely backup and an ample storage facility.


Cloud platform requires layered security. The CSPs should provide multilayer security for the safety of the data. Choose a CSP that provide advanced security features like multi-factor authentication, data encryption, firewalls, intrusion detection and more. These features are necessary to provide an all-round protection for the cloud infrastructure.


Most CSPs offer services at different costs. The service cost and variable consumption model should meet the business requirements. The pricing model should meet the business workload. It is important to remember that the most expensive plan may not cover all the business requirements. The plans offered by the service providers should be flexible to cover the business needs.

These are the key factors which will aid you in choosing the right CSP for your business. Along with these, it is also advisable to take some non-technical precautionary measures like confirming the CSP’s standards and certifications. Migrating to cloud is a good decision, but choosing the right CSP matters more. With years of experience in Cloud computing, we at Vatsa Solutions leverage our expertise to help organisations migrate to Cloud. To know more about our Cloud services, write to us at [email protected].


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