Top technology trends to watch out for in 2020

Technology rapidly evolved in the last five years, from being a technology-advantage for IT companies and to ISVs, being a necessity for sustainability in competition. Advancements like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are practiced at various skill levels by different … Read More

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How New Technology Trends Are Evolving School MIS

The ultimate aim of introducing technologies is to reduce manual efforts, human errors and bring in the various benefits that the technologies offers, this was the belief a few years back. Today, there is more to introducing a technology than … Read More

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Building a Tailor-Made Management Information System for Schools and Colleges

A powerful Management Information System (MIS) for schools not only helps in reducing the workload of school administration and teachers, but is also a tool for the management to measure the progress and performance of the school. One of the … Read More

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How to Choose the Right School Management Information System

With the advancements of technology rapidly moving towards schools and colleges, it has become a necessity for academic organizations to upgrade their digital infrastructure. It can be safely predicted how the next decade will see complete digitalization of the Education … Read More

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How to implement MVVM in Kotlin with data binding

We, at Vatsa solutions, love to be ahead of the curve. That may probably be the reason why we are always looking out for the latest trends in technology. MVVM or the Model-View-Viewmodel is a software architectural design pattern for … Read More

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Headless Browsers Testing using Selenium Webdriver

A beginner’s guide to driving headless browser testing Selenium is one of the most popular web automation tools in software testing today. Its ease of use, along with its adaptability to write tests in almost all popular programming languages makes … Read More

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6 Key indicators to find out if your app needs to be modernized

Applications are the future. From generic ones to customized enterprise-centric apps, there are millions of them out there in the market. Creating an app from scratch requires a lot of time, efforts, domain & technical expertise, feedbacks and updates; once … Read More

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6 Ways to speed up your mobile app development

The usage of apps has skyrocketed in recent years and the trend shows a promising scope to grow exponentially in the years to come. As a business, a mobile app facilitates brand building, improves customer engagement and promotes revenue growth. … Read More

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End of Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 – All You Need to Know

Microsoft SQL server 2008 has been one of the most widely used database management systems in the industry till date. Organizations have been using SQL Server 2008 and SQL server 2008 R2 for over a decade now. However, Microsoft stopped … Read More

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What to Look for in Your App Development Partner

The recent years have successfully emphasized the importance of Mobile apps from a business point of view. Organizations are exploring the endless possibilities of how mobile apps can be used beyond customer interaction, internal administration, … Read More

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