What We Do

We at VATSA offer solutions to the problems faced by enterprises and consumers. We help organizations conceptualize the application that will add value to them and users alike. Our experts closely work with customers to visualize your exceptional business idea and our highly skilled programmers put their heads down to bring it to reality. There are many reasons to choose us to make your big dream come true:

  • Proven success with mobile applications.
  • Cost effective and flexible pricing models.
  • Tight project startup and delivery schedules.
  • Highly experienced development teams with skills across all major mobile platforms – iOS, Android, Windows and Cross Platform.

iOS Capability

With great attention to details and belief in design excellence, Apple has made a mark in the mobile devices space. Great mobile phone and platform deserve equally great apps. We carefully craft mobile applications enabling users to access information and services on the go. VATSA with its strong development experience in iPhone and iPad apps enhances the functionality of the device by creating innovative and high quality business and end user applications.

While developing beautiful apps our attention to make most efficient and user friendly apps makes us great partner to develop apps ranging from enterprise to entertainment, education to communication and productivity to utility. We have a very versatile team of developers and architects with expertise in Cocoa Touch ⁄ Objective C, Xcode IDE, Swift, Interface Builder, RPC XML Framework, Threading, WebKit Programming, Secure Coding etc.

Android Capability

With highest adoption among the mobile operating systems, Android is the operating system which touches more lives than any other. That makes it a powerful platform to make the idea reach maximum users. We have built large scale and high impact apps for variety of businesses, organizations that help them connect to their consumers efficiently. Our high-performance design enables users access the data and services instantly.

Let VATSA help you build applications, right from conception to go-to market strategy. Our design, implementation and marketing team can help you transition quickly!! We have been applying our expertise in Material design to enable creation and development of Android apps that look visually refreshing and aesthetically appealing.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the use of technology to add a layer of digitization over and above of what we naturally perceive. At VATSA, we are always pushing the boundary of what we can do and this includes augmented reality based mobile apps.
What AR can do:

  • Provide information about objects, surroundings or artefacts.
  • Take gaming to next level by using the real life surroundings as game map.
  • Provide virtual tours superimposed over real life visuals.

Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility enables business with technology to conduct business on the go. It helps businesses grow multifold by cutting down the operational losses due to inefficiencies.
Enterprise Mobility doesn’t just consist of a mobile app. It is a suit of technologies working together with mobile application being primary interface for user interaction. It helps organizations give their employees, users and consumers seamless service experience from anywhere, anytime.

We have vast experience in working with enterprise applications in the area of ERP, CRM, BPM makes us equipped with the knowledge required to develop powerful and efficient mobile applications. Our team of security experts make sure that the data protection is the top most priority and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is implemented with tight security.


We will help strategize your enterprise mobility transition. We can be your partner to identify areas which can go mobile such as:

  • Building apps for your sales force to demonstrate products and services.
  • Applications for your customers to check inventory and place order.
  • Apps for your employees for self-care.
  • Developing apps for CXOs and management to give real-time progress.
  • Tool to give realistic picture of efficiency.
  • Communication channel for your customer for better engagement.

Wondering what Smartphone users are doing on Mobile?

  • Using productivity suits to become efficient.
  • Learning something new.
  • Consuming multimedia content.
  • Reading news.
  • Connecting to enterprise backend.
  • Doing online business.
  • Paying for services and buying stuff.
  • Banking transactions and paying insurance premium.
  • Getting reconnected with friends.

Technical Competencies

Native Application Development

  • iPhone and iPad
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile

Mobile Web Development

  • PHP/Ajax
  • HTML5
  • jQuery

Mobile Specific Solutions

  • Location based services
  • Push Notifications
  • Augmented Reality
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Mobile Commerce
  • QR/Bar code Scanning
  • Internet of Things

Cross Platform

  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Javascript
  • Phonegap
  • Ionic


Working with the VSPLC team for a number of years now has increased our companies IT productivity and ability to quickly scale our product growth. The diligent focus on quality and ability to meet tight deadlines through solid processes, effective communication and team work has proven to be a benchmark of success in our relationship. We look forward to seeing where our partnership takes us in the future.
Chief Operating Officer Healthcare Product Company in US
VATSA has a wide range of technical skills and abilities. They have even taught me a thing or two. They are great guys to work with. They are knowledgeable, professional. VATSA always keeps working on a project until you are satisfied. I plan on hiring them again.
Eric CTO
Thank you to everyone at VATSA Solutions Pvt Ltd, and especially my prime contacts can only be described as brilliant and hard working as they are diplomatic. Working with them to develop my complex app through its various versions has been a pleasure. Their ability to take a unique concept, SpyWarn™, and turn it into a successful app is its own testament to your knowledge and skills.
Kevin M. Counterespionage Specialist
Surely, we will recommend VATSA in case of any requirements related to Mobile Apps or any related development technology.
International NGO --
We were immensely impressed by timely status update, onsite training to users, properly understanding of requirement and professional approach.
CTO Manufacturing company in the UAE
What we appreciate most about VATSA solutions is their ability to be nimble and adjust with the changing requirements. We have lots of change requests and the VASTA team does a great job to adjust and take on new work.
Director Technology Healthcare product company in US
VATSA Solution’s technical ability, adaptability, responsiveness, dedication, understanding and ability to provide quick options/workarounds helped us build world class product.
Head of Technology E-Learning product company in the UK
VSPLC’s dedication, technical savvy, constant communication, flexibility and attention to even the smallest detail have made our product a great success. We could not have accomplished many of our project goals without the stellar quality code they have provided and the speed with which they have brought each task to completion.
Bob I. President