What We Do

Scalability, Availability, Affordability are the three pillars for any organisation’s IT policy. Cloud provides all three. In the fast paced world, when the stakeholders are always on the move, the availability of information and service from anywhere in the world is not a luxury. When IT is enabled to make optimum use of their infrastructure by scaling up and down, they are also spending money wisely and bringing in affordability in the operations. We offer service to help enterprises best utilize cloud services provided by Azure, O365 and SharePoint.



We identify areas of cloud most suited for your business. Assessment of cloud benefit in view of your need and strategic roadmap is the first step that is taken in your journey to cloud. This step helps you understand if and how will the transformation change your business.
We work closely with all stakeholders and recommend right mix to support your business. The roadmap is prepared and costing is arrived at.



Once the roadmap is finalized, we work on the solution design. We recommend approach how the move should actually be happening. It is usually in phased manner. The planning phase clearly outlines the steps to be taken to achieve the end result. Required architecture is finalized. Tools and technologies to assist the move are identified. This is a critical phase and all findings and recommendations are documented carefully. All milestones are clearly mentioned and deliverables are identified.



We help migrate your on-premise infrastructure to the cloud. The solution could be cloud-only or hybrid. All deliverables identified in the planning phase are executed in this stage. Detailed reporting of the milestone is done in the process. We have experienced and skilled team to engage in migration of servers, data, mails, apps.

We help migrate documents and artefacts to SharePoint on-premise or SharePoint online. We have great experience in migration of SharePoint on-premise to on-premise as well as on-premise to online. Our homegrown migration tool makes the job easy, rapid and reliable.

We take every care of data integrity and security while performing all data migration such as mails, contacts, calendar, events to O365.


Office 365

With many years of experience in custom application development, we have got what it takes to design, develop and maintain a scalable and highly available application. Our team of Azure architects and developers carefully develop apps considering the technology and business core requirement. All aspects of a modern application – Scalability, availability, performance and affordability are taken into consideration while developing application for cloud. We make sure to take advantage of what best cloud services have to offer.

We develop SharePoint Office apps, SharePoint apps, web parts to cater various business needs. Our expertise in the integration service has helped many organisations access data in one service from other service. We make data transfer a seamless process minimizing user intervention and maximizing user benefit.



Real benefit of cloud is seen in longer run. The cloud infrastructure needs to be monitored and tweaked in order to make optimum use. Applications deployed in cloud should be monitored to be using the cloud resources as expected. We make sure all this by:

  • Infrastructure performance tuning.
  • Application performance tuning.
  • Resource optimization.
  • Review server logs.
  • Support activities.

Our Cloud Solutions

Azure Watch

  • Keep an eye on your Azure spending.
  • Estimate your spending.
  • Get your spending trends.
  • Get alert on reaching billing threshold.
  • Automatically stop/start resource to save on billing.
  • Get suggestions to save on your bill.

Azure Design

  • Deploy your infrastructure solution from Visio diagram.
  • Get custom made vision stencil for Azure.
  • Get the billing estimate before deploying the solution.
  • Get suggestions of best design practices.

Smooth Migrate

  • Migrate documents to SharePoint.
  • Migrate to SP on-prem or online.
  • Migrate in batch.
  • Schedule migration.
  • Get audit report.


Working with the VSPLC team for a number of years now has increased our companies IT productivity and ability to quickly scale our product growth. The diligent focus on quality and ability to meet tight deadlines through solid processes, effective communication and team work has proven to be a benchmark of success in our relationship. We look forward to seeing where our partnership takes us in the future.
Chief Operating Officer Healthcare Product Company in US
VATSA has a wide range of technical skills and abilities. They have even taught me a thing or two. They are great guys to work with. They are knowledgeable, professional. VATSA always keeps working on a project until you are satisfied. I plan on hiring them again.
Eric CTO
Thank you to everyone at VATSA Solutions Pvt Ltd, and especially my prime contacts can only be described as brilliant and hard working as they are diplomatic. Working with them to develop my complex app through its various versions has been a pleasure. Their ability to take a unique concept, SpyWarn™, and turn it into a successful app is its own testament to your knowledge and skills.
Kevin M. Counterespionage Specialist
Surely, we will recommend VATSA in case of any requirements related to Mobile Apps or any related development technology.
International NGO --
We were immensely impressed by timely status update, onsite training to users, properly understanding of requirement and professional approach.
CTO Manufacturing company in the UAE
What we appreciate most about VATSA solutions is their ability to be nimble and adjust with the changing requirements. We have lots of change requests and the VASTA team does a great job to adjust and take on new work.
Director Technology Healthcare product company in US
VATSA Solution’s technical ability, adaptability, responsiveness, dedication, understanding and ability to provide quick options/workarounds helped us build world class product.
Head of Technology E-Learning product company in the UK
VSPLC’s dedication, technical savvy, constant communication, flexibility and attention to even the smallest detail have made our product a great success. We could not have accomplished many of our project goals without the stellar quality code they have provided and the speed with which they have brought each task to completion.
Bob I. President