SharePoint based intra portal for workflow management


This is a leading software services company who have provided technology solutions across world. They have offices and partners across in US, Europe and Middle East. They service a range of industries with their various technology expertise.

Business Situation

Company needed to solve a number of communications, Workflows and process issues within their business. As a company with a strong outward focus on brand messaging and consistency, their primary objective was to unite employees in one intuitive online space. They needed VATSA Solutions to build and deploy a SharePoint environment that would become the home of corporate communications and the single source of proof for company documents.


To ensure optimal levels of User Experience and User Adoption were achieved, SharePoint was rolled out in two distinct phases. The first stage involved the design, build and deployment of Company’s intranet, which was initially released on a trial basis within the Engineering department.
As each business function observed the benefits and advantages enjoyed by Engineering, they adopted SharePoint within their own teams. This occurred quickly and created a positive tide of momentum.


Company staff across a range of locations now utilize the intranet daily, and it has become a focal point for the business.
Productivity has increased in lieu of clear Information Management practices and improved search ability, and the optimized form workflow ensures that all legal contracts and client documentation is both traceable and safely stored.

Technology and Tools used

SharePoint 2007/2010, Visual Studio 2008

Testing Case study

Client Profile

The client is a well-known name in the domain of educational applications. Company provides cloud solutions for the educational markets on Microsoft technologies.

Business Situation

To develop an application which can be served as a communication channel between Teacher, Student & parents. The application should fulfill the basic to complex activities in school.


  • A risk based testing strategy, with delivery risks analyzed to priorities testing.
  • Automated regression testing to reduce testing time.
  • Execution of repeated task by data driven automation.
  • Use of reusable test material like test cases.
  • Payment gateway testing by skilled testers to ensure quality.
  • Performance testing.


  • Risk Mitigation:
    • Reduction in post deployment bugs.
    • Automatic test regression maximize coverage and lets the team concentrate on new functionality.
  • Time & Cost Saving:
    • Central management of test script and defect tracking improves efficiency across testing process.
    • Reusable test material reduces test time.
  • Quality:
    • Improved planning & early and parallel testing gives high quality product.