What We Do

In recent years, analytics has moved from traditional analytics to more sophisticated and future driven analytics. With explosion of data generation through the means such as social media, connected devices, machine logs, consumer feedback etc, wealth of information is being generated. With our advanced analytics expertise, we help enterprises and businesses unleash true potential of this data.
We help customers model internal and external data to get deeper insights, make predictions and take business improving actions.

Don’t assume. Know.

Tap into unseen market potential which can be unearthed by our advanced analytics services.


With our advanced analytics service, you will not have to guess your growth potential. We put all that data to work to bring valuable insights about performance in the past and predict the future growth. Know the challenges posed by changing dynamics of consumer preferences, social, political and economic impact.

Prepare yourself for the unprecedented demand by your customers. Plan your resources well in advance by knowing the future. Take the best possible decisions automatically with the help of Machine Learning every time.

Don’t live with it. Act.

Know how your brand is doing. Act to improve the standing.


How is your brand being perceived by your consumers? What are your strong points and what are the weaknesses? Use Sentiment Analysis to know where does you brand stand. Know your pluses and market those. Know your weaknesses and work on them. Make continuous improvement.

Analyse the competitor behaviour. Identify opportunities and threats with thorough competitor analysis. With the power of our advanced analytics at your disposal, you are well equipped to make your brand stand tall.

Don’t see them leave. Engage.

Be aware of what your customers’ sentiments are. Engage with them before it’s too late.


Acquiring new customer has a huge cost associated. The sales cycle and efforts needed to put in makes it painful to see a customer leaving. Stop the wasted efforts and cost and revenue leak by identifying the customers likely to leave as early as possible. We help find and establish the engagement pattern of customer which identifies the risk of customer churn.

We help identify such customers early and determine targeted marketing strategy to retain them. While designing the strategy, parameters such as potential revenue generation, cost associated for supporting such customer, future growth through referrals etc are considered.
Its not enough to retain a leaving customer, our real value is in identifying the reasons of customer churn.

Don’t be blinded. Validate.

Recruitment process is very fast becoming cumbersome and involving. Automate it to make it fast and reliable.


The feeling of pain in recruitment process cuts across industries. The cost associated with selecting a perfect match for the job takes a lot of efforts and energy. Our profile rating system helps you automate the most crucial and complex part to make it rapid and reliable. Rate the profile in comparison with your organisational benchmark and industry benchmark. Determine suitability of a candidate with respect to the job description.

Reduce the human errors in selecting a candidate. Wrong selection proves costlier than thorough selection process.


Working with the VSPLC team for a number of years now has increased our companies IT productivity and ability to quickly scale our product growth. The diligent focus on quality and ability to meet tight deadlines through solid processes, effective communication and team work has proven to be a benchmark of success in our relationship. We look forward to seeing where our partnership takes us in the future.
Chief Operating Officer Healthcare Product Company in US
VATSA has a wide range of technical skills and abilities. They have even taught me a thing or two. They are great guys to work with. They are knowledgeable, professional. VATSA always keeps working on a project until you are satisfied. I plan on hiring them again.
Eric CTO
Thank you to everyone at VATSA Solutions Pvt Ltd, and especially my prime contacts can only be described as brilliant and hard working as they are diplomatic. Working with them to develop my complex app through its various versions has been a pleasure. Their ability to take a unique concept, SpyWarn™, and turn it into a successful app is its own testament to your knowledge and skills.
Kevin M. Counterespionage Specialist
Surely, we will recommend VATSA in case of any requirements related to Mobile Apps or any related development technology.
International NGO --
We were immensely impressed by timely status update, onsite training to users, properly understanding of requirement and professional approach.
CTO Manufacturing company in the UAE
What we appreciate most about VATSA solutions is their ability to be nimble and adjust with the changing requirements. We have lots of change requests and the VASTA team does a great job to adjust and take on new work.
Director Technology Healthcare product company in US
VATSA Solution’s technical ability, adaptability, responsiveness, dedication, understanding and ability to provide quick options/workarounds helped us build world class product.
Head of Technology E-Learning product company in the UK
VSPLC’s dedication, technical savvy, constant communication, flexibility and attention to even the smallest detail have made our product a great success. We could not have accomplished many of our project goals without the stellar quality code they have provided and the speed with which they have brought each task to completion.
Bob I. President